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The Comparison Measurement Stands made by LAN-FLAT are extremely versatile measurement systems, easily customized to respond customers' demands and requirements. Produced in high quality materials and with the highest quality and repeatibility,the Comparison Measurement Stands have the following properties:

  • All the models are delivered with their corresponding measurement certificate, with ENAC traceability.
  • Colums can move with and without precision. Manual lock.
  • Double fixing system for the dial indicator: fine approaching.
  • Column/Arm connector in stainless steel (diameter 18 mm).
  • All models are equipped with a brake-block (stainless steel).
  • Columns and arms coated with hard and wear resistant coating.
  • Bridge systems.
  • Special systems can be made according to customer needs.

All models can be manufactured over the surface plate gamut made by LAN-FLAT: