All LAN-FLAT products (surface plates, squares, quadratic master squares, straight edges, step measurement masters,...), as well as the calibrations and reconditioning/resurfacing services made by LAN-FLAT company, include a complete Calibration Certificate valid against quaity audits and with traceability of the measurement instruments used.

In the case of surface plates, LAN-FLAT Calibration Certificate is composed of the following graphic information:

Isometric Graph

Isometric Graph

Presents the flatness error in each one of the measurement stations taken during the Moody measurement process.

Numeric Graph

Numeric Graph

This graph presents the flatness errors in a quantitative way in each one of the measurement stations.

Contour lines graph

Contour Lines Graph

This graph present a contour lines with those points of the surface plate with the same flatness error.

Tridimensional graph

Tridimensional Graph

This graph presents a 3D view of the surface plate.