LAN-FLAT produces almost any precision structure in high-quality granite, tailor made to customer's specifications, with drills, slots, metallic inserts or precision guide rails if needed. Design assistance is available through our technical department.

We manufacture single granite machine bases, air bearing surfaces or multiple component precision assemblies to meet industry needs. Our capabilities range from critical testing and checking surfaces, to planarity on multiple planes. Already produced examples are micromilling and microlaser machine bases, optical equipment, equiupment for particles accelerators, high precision positioning systems, scientific prototypes and aerospace.

Micro-laser machine baseCSS Template

Micro-laser machine base

Base and structure for an ultra-precision laser micromachine.

3 meter straight edgeCSS Template

Long Straight Edge

Three meter long straight edge with exceptional prallel and straight accuracy.

Micro-milling machine baseCSS Template

Micro-milling machine base

Machine base, columns and upper beam for a ulra-precise micro-milling machine base.

Large Surface Plate 3.5 meter longCSS Template

Large Surface Plate

Large Surface Plate 3.5 meter long with high flatness accuracy and excellent finish.

Micro-laser Machine StructureCSS Template

Micro-laser Machine Structure

Machine base, columns and upper beams with multiple metallic stainless steel inserts for assembling components.

Octagon - Chemical Milling machine baseCSS Template

Octagon for a Chemical Milling Machine

Octagon made in granite for a chemical milling machine with complex slottings, drillings, inserts and metallic guides.

Granite structureCSS Template

Granite Structure and guides

Structure composed by base, columns and high precision guides for accurate possitining of devices in the upper face.

Scientific EquipmentCSS Template

Scientific Equipment

Scientific equipment for high temperature particle physics laboratory for a reference European Research Center in this field.