LAN-FLAT Master Squares

Estuches de escuadras


Main applications for tri-squares are the precise inspections of angle 90° of CMM's and machine tools. Basic material of black natural hardstone finest granite. The precise-worked faces are finest ground and lapped. The two flat faces are finely worked. With through hole(s) for weight reduction.

As the rest of LAN-FLAT products, master tri-squares are provided with our Calibration Certificate traceable to ENAC standards. Upon request and additional charge can be also provided with ENAC certificate issued by a certified laboratory.

Escuadras 4 caras Quadratic shape square

These squares have the particularity of having four side finished, both flat, square and parallel.

Cuadratic shaped squares are made using black natural hardstone finest granite, with high thermal stability and wear resistance. These components are provided with a complete Calibration Certificate with ENAC traceability.

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