Surface plate with stand

LAN-FLAT stands are constructed with a three-point suspension to properly support your granite surface plate. Stands are constructed from welded steel, with a durable gray finish to provide exceptional strength and durability. Each stand is made to a standard 90-cm working height, unless otherwise specified.

Stationary stands have leveling screws on the bottom of each leg. The leveling bolts are located on top of the stand in the three point suspension. The LAN-FLAT stand portfolio covers all the needs from calibration laboratories or inspection stations in the production lines.

Surface plate and stand

Besides different stands configurations, surface plats can be provided with wood covers, with a soft interior and with superior finish.

Two meter surface plate and stand

Larger surface plates can be provided with both cast iron stands or pedestals and Leveling Jacks, able to be adjusted at desired height. This system provides maximum support with minimum cost for large plates.