Surface Plate

LAN-FLAT Surface Plates provide an exact reference plane both for measurement or for the setting-up of precision equipment. Their low flatness error, surface quality and manual finish make them the ideal system for accurate mechanical assemblies, for micromachine bases, complex optic devices or anyother high requirement application.

Our modern infrastructures and the background experience accumulated by LAN-FLAT since 1998, allow us to produce surface plates of any specification and almost any size tailored to your needs.

Inspection and control surface plates produced by LAN-FLAT are made with black granite of the highest quality, following the standards and flatness, mass and size specifications set forth by the norma UNE 82/309, in its chapter referred to flatness and surface plates.

It is possible to provide our surface plates with an ENAC Calibration Report, issued by an duly accredited laboratory (IK4-Tekniker, Eibar, Guipúzcoa, Spain). This ENAC Calibration must be requested and has additional charge.


LAN-FLAT “Calibration Certificateis included with every surface plate guaranteeing overall flatness and repeat gage measurements. This Calibration Certificate is the most complete in the market, providing an exhaustive information of the surface plate status through four different graphs: isometric, numeric, contour line map and 3D map.

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LAN-FLAT can provide surface plates with stainless steel metallic inserts glued with epoxy resin, T-slots or metallic guides.

ENAC traceability: Standards employed are calibrated and traceable to ENAC or equivalent national or international organization.

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